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ШОРООН ГАХАЙ  ЖИЛИЙН “ШИЛДЭГ БАРИЛГА”-д  өргөмжлөх ёслол хүндэтгэлийн арга хэмжээ

ШОРООН ГАХАЙ ЖИЛИЙН “ШИЛДЭГ БАРИЛГА”-д өргөмжлөх ёслол хүндэтгэлийн арга хэмжээ

Барилга Хот Байгуулалтын Яам, Барилгын Хөгжлийн Төв, Нийслэлийн Засаг Даргын Тамгын Газрын удирдлагууд оролцсон Шороон Гахай  жилийн “ШИЛДЭГ БАРИЛГА” –д өргөмжлөх нэр хүндтэй ёслол хүндэтгэлийн арга хэмжээ  2020 оны 02-р сарын 19-ны өдөр болно.

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AVG Secure VPN Review

AVG Protected is one of the most comprehensive antivirus programs available. This automatically revisions security in your system using advanced artificial intelligence and current analysis. Therefore you can experience peace of mind knowing that you will absolutely protected from the latest threats. This antivirus program is likewise very affordable. It comes with a free trial, […]

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Antivirus For Glass windows

A good antivirus for home windows is one that has the ability to scan the system for viruses, spyware and adware, and other spyware. It also has the capacity to block malware and prevent their particular installation. Microsoft’s anti malware program, Defense Antivirus, was first released being a free antispyware program with regards to Windows […]

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Exactly what Slavic Girls?

Whether you’re dating a Slavic female or just contemplating a Slavic woman, there are several basic things ought to know. Slavic gals are generally quite, and meet Russian women they benefit from wearing elegant clothes. As being a male, these types of traits are an asset in dating a Slavic woman. Slavic ladies are usually […]

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